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As with any Giant visitors, we need a Giant army of volunteers to help make them welcome. From aiding their tour around the city, and for one Giant visitor, the Wirral, as a Benevol to making sure that we provide a warm scouse welcome to residents and visitors alike.

Culture Liverpool, the team working with street theatre de force, Royal de Luxe, are looking for volunteers to join in and help make the final visit of our Giant guests one to remember for all the right reasons.

Working in partnership with Liverpool ONE, all of our volunteers are registered as City Stars, a dedicated group of volunteers who help deliver a number of Culture Liverpool events including the Weeping Window (Poppies), Liverpool International Music Festival and this year – Liverpool’s Dream.

To apply to become a volunteer – please fill out the City Stars programme application by clicking here. You can find a description of each role and the FAQs below.

Deadline for all applications is Tuesday 31 July at 5pm.

Available roles

  • Benevol Stewards – becoming part of the human cordon which travels with each Giant. Anyone considering applying needs to be physically fit, be able to walk long distances, have a good level of stamina and be comfortable in large crowds.
  • Runners/Production Assistants – flexibility is key for the role which provides vital help for the team during rehearsals and preparation for the show.
  • Production Drivers – people with full driving licenses are required to drive a variety of different vehicles to assist in rehearsals and the show itself.
  • Translators – fluent French speakers are required to translate for the technical team.
  • Physiotherapists/Sports Masseurs – Qualified physiotherapists/sport masseurs, and student physiotherapists/sports masseurs are required to work with the team. They will be needed across the event days.
  • Media Assistants – the local, national and international spotlight will be on Liverpool and a number of people are required to assist and manage members of the media throughout the duration of the show.
  • Event Ambassadors – it’s essential to extend that renowned warm Liverpool welcome to the hundreds and thousands of people descending on the region for the event. Good, friendly communicators are needed to be on hand to answer any questions or queries from members of the public.

The above roles are voluntary, however the following Lilliputian position is a paid for role due to the amount of rehearsal time required and the commitment during the duration of the show:

  • Giant Operator (Lilliputian) – prepare to take centre stage as this role requires you to operate the Giants along the streets. Unsurprisingly this is a physically challenging role so fitness and stamina are essential as well as being a team player.

If you are interested in being a Lilliputian, please download the job description by downloading the following document: Lillitputians Job description.

Volunteer FAQs

Click the questions below for answers..

How do I apply to be a volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering, you can apply via the City Stars programme by clicking here. If you are interested in becoming a Lillipution, please see above.

What is the deadline for applications?

Deadline for all applications is Tuesday 31 July at 5pm.

Is there a minimum age for volunteering?

Yes, you must be 18 by 28 September 2018 or 21 for a driving role.

When will I be required?

This will depend on your role.  Some roles are required before and during the event.

For Benevol roles you will be required on Saturday 29 September and Friday 5, Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 October.

For all other roles dates will vary from mid September to mid October but may not be required every day.

Do I need to be available every day of the parade?

Yes as a minimum all roles will be required 5 to the 7 October inclusive.

Do I need to speak French?

No you will be working with members of the Culture Liverpool team on the day who all speak English!

Do you provide travel expenses?

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay travel expenses.

What does a Benevol do?

You will be creating a safety cordon around the Giant by holding on to red and white hazard tape which fills in the gaps between each Benevol.

If I am a Benevol how close to the public will I be?

You will be situated very closely to the public. The public are keen to see the giants and to get as close to them as possible so you will be responsible for keeping the public back for their own safety and so that they do not come into contact with the giants, Lilliputians or other aspects of the show.

Will there be any training for Benevols?

Yes, you must be available to attend a training day on Saturday 29 September. If you cannot attend you will not be able to volunteer.

How fit do I need to be?

Very fit – the Giants will be walking for approximately 6 hours per day, for 3 full days.

What will I need to wear?

You will be provided with a top.  Please wear full, comfortable shoes – you will be walking very long distances each day.  You can wear jeans but please note these will take longer to dry if you get wet.

What if it rains?

The parade will still go ahead and ponchos will be provided.

Will I get a break during the day?

There are no official breaks along the way although we will stop for short periods due to performances of the Giant on the route.  There will however be a long break during the siesta period where everyone will get a chance to take at least some time away from the Giant at this point.

Will I be provided with refreshments?

When we stop for a siesta you will be supplied with a packed lunch. Bottled water will be available during the parade.

Will I be able to take photographs during the parade?

It is not something which we would encourage as your job is to protect the Giant and their team.

How many hours are Lilliputians likely to work?

The role of the Lilliputians is a paid role with between 30 and 90 hours work over approximately 14 days

Will there be an interview for Lilliputian roles?

No, but there will be an audition on either 19 or 20 September which will include the types of activities that you will be required to undertake during the event.

What if I don't pass the audition to be a Lilliputian?

You will be offered a role as a Benevol i.e. a volunteer.

How will Lilliputians be paid?

You will be paid by BACS i.e. directly into your bank account after you have submitted a timesheet.

What do Lilliputians need to wear?

Lilliputians will be provided with a full costume.

When will Lilliputians be working?

Lilliputians are likely to be required every day from Friday 21 September – Sunday 7 October with the exception of Sunday 23 and Sunday 30 September.

How fit to Lilliputians need to be?

Very fit – this is a physically demanding role.  You will be helping make the Giants move so you will be pulling ropes using all of your strength.

Will Lilliputians be working at height?

Yes, you might be depending on the part of the Giant that you are operating.

How do I apply to be a Lilliputian?

Full information on criteria and how to apply to be a lilliputian is available by clicking here.



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