Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have lots of questions about the Giant Spectacular event in Liverpool and Wirral so we have answered a few of the frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry, details of how to do so can be found below the questions.

What dates will the Giant Spectacular event be?

The Giant Spectacular event, Liverpool’s Dream, will be from 4 – 7 October 2018 in Liverpool and Wirral.

Which Giants are coming?

This year we welcome back the Giant to Liverpool and Wirral who will be taking in the sights of New Brighton and Liverpool. We are also proud to host, for a UK first, the Little Boy Giant and, it wouldn’t be a Giant Spectacular event without everyone’s favourite pet, Xolo the dog!

Why are the Giants visiting both Liverpool and Wirral?

We are a city renowned for pushing creative boundaries and we always aim to achieve something different when it comes to returning events. Working in partnership with Liverpool City Region the Giants will have a whole new playground as they discover the beauty of Wirral.

Why are they visiting Princes Park?

Each time that The Giants visit Liverpool, they explore a different location in our city. In 2012, the Little Girl Giant and Xolo visited Stanley Park, in 2014 the Grandmother, Little Girl Giant and Xolo met crowds at Newsham Park. This year, the Giants will visit Princes Park and get to know another part of our beautiful city.

Why are they only in Wirral for one day?

The Giants are interested in finding out more about life over the water so part of Wirral will be explored for one full day, before the weekend is spent in their old stomping ground of Liverpool.

Why are they visiting New Brighton?

The Giants are always keen to explore somewhere new, and for 2018, New Brighton is on the must-visit list!

Why is the event called Liverpool's Dream if it's on both sides of the Mersey?

The name was chosen by Royal de Luxe as the majority of the event will take place on the Liverpool side of the water.

What are the routes / Where will the Giants be in Liverpool or Wirral?

The Giants will be visiting areas in and around Liverpool city centre and Wirral. We have a full digital route map available as well as a downloadable copy of the route map available on our Routes page.

Will the show go ahead if it is raining?

Yes, the show will still go ahead as normal if it is raining. The British weather can be unpredictable, so we would recommend that you wear waterproofs even if it is dry. For the enjoyment of the crowd, we ask that you please avoid using umbrellas as these can spoil the view of those behind you. If you are using an umbrella, you may be asked to take it down.

Will I see all the Giants at once?

The Giants will not always be together therefore it will not be possible to see all of the show and with increased spectator numbers it will be hard to follow all of the Giants’ route. It is important that you give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the event – we advise picking times and locations where you would like to see The Giants advance.

Is this the last time that The Giants will be in Liverpool?

We see this as being the final act in an incredible trilogy. The Giants roamed our streets in 2012 and 2014 and this year is the right time to welcome them for the final time.

Can I use drones during the event?

No – drones/small unmanned aircraft systems are strictly not allowed to be flown within the Giant Spectacular event site, which will make up a large part of Liverpool and New Brighton. Please do not bring them to the Giant Spectacular event and anybody caught using drones may be asked to leave.

Where is the best place to view The Giants?

There is no “best place” to view the show – it depends on your choice of location. Please see the official routes to find the best place to view the show.

Who are The Giants?

Manipulated by dozens of Lilliputians, Royal de Luxe are famous across the globe for The Giants who are known to bring stories to life on city streets over several days. Their audacity and their poetry, mixing time and genres, with different Giants moving at the same time at various ends of a city results in thousands and even millions of spectators. Their inimitable humanity and the empathy they produce in their awe-struck audiences, have now become a signature of the company.

At the turn of the millennium Liverpool could only dream of the cultural journey it was about to embark on… and what a journey it has been! 2018 is a landmark year for Liverpool, celebrating 10 years since its designation of European Capital of Culture. As Merseyside looks forward to a new age of events and cultural happenings, it’s a GIANT year for Liverpool City Region.

In collaboration with Liverpool City Region, Liverpool and Wirral will host the largest street theatre event to take place in the UK this year which will once again see giant visitors journey around Merseyside.

Taking place from 4 – 7 October 2018, Liverpool and Wirral will welcome back the creative tour de force that is Royal de Luxe who will undoubtedly deliver a jaw-dropping visual feast.

What are the plans on each day?

Full details of Liverpool’s Dream including details on timings and routes are available on our Routes page.

Is it free to attend / who can attend?

This event is open to all ages and is free to attend. Once we’ve announced the routes just pick a location you’d like to see The Giants and give yourself plenty of travel time to see them.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes – you are more than welcome to bring dogs to Giant Spectacular however please be aware that there will be large crowds throughout the event.

Who is paying for this event?

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is supporting the event as part of the Single Investment Fund. Arts Council England funding and sponsorship from other private and public sector bodies are all making Liverpool’s Dream possible.

I’m visiting Liverpool for this. How can I find out more information on what to do?

You can visit our Tourist Information Centres in Liverpool Central Library, a short walk from Lime Street Station or at the British Music Experience in the Cunard Building, one of the city’s iconic Three Graces, at Pier Head. More information and opening times can be found on our Tourist Information pages.

You can also email the tourist information at or call the team on 0151 233 0090.

How can I get involved?

We have now stopped recruiting for volunteers but we open to businesses who would like to get involved in our events, if you are a corporate business who would like to know more, please email Sharon Simons

Why not get involved in our educational programme? There is information about the Giants themselves and activities you can do during their visit.

Will there be road closures?

Yes, with an event of this scale there will inevitably be an element of disruption. All businesses and residents affected will be informed, and road closures will be advertised in advance of the event so people can prepare their journeys. We have a full listing of road closures in Liverpool and Wirral on the Road Closures page.

Will bus routes be affected?

Yes. Changes in timetables and routes will be confirmed before the event. We recommend leaving plenty of time to travel to and from Liverpool’s Dream. You can plan your journey and receive live route updates by visiting our travel pages or

Will there be accessible viewing?

Due to the nature of The Giants, they can be seen from different locations and from long distances however we will be looking at specific arrangements for viewing and parking which we will be able to confirm when further details about the show and the routes are announced.

Stewards will be advised where possible to allow wheelchair users and other visitors with specific accessibility requirements access to viewing areas during the show where available and possible on a first come first served basis. Adapted toilets will be provided in all areas where event toilets are situated.

All Liverpool City Council public car parks have allocated spaces for blue badge holders, more information on this can be found on the Liverpool City Council website, however access will be affected by road closures and crowd numbers therefore please plan sufficient time for your journey. For information on accessible public transport in Merseyside please download the following guide.

For full details on accessible viewing for the event, please visit our dedicated accessibility page.

Will there be parking facilities?

There are a number of car parks in Liverpool City Centre and Wirral. However, we recommend using public transport to attend the event on both sides of the water. Please allow for plenty of time to arrive and leave the event.

Will there be Giants merchandise available?

We will release details on merchandise for Liverpool’s Dream closer to the event. If you would like to purchase items from previous Giant Spectacular events in Liverpool, please visit and search for the last few items available.

Will I be able to purchase food and drinks at the event?

Yes, there will be a small range of food and drinks concessions at various zones throughout the event in both Liverpool and Wirral. Food concessions offer food from around the world including Indian, Caribbean and Chinese cuisine as well as fish and chips, gourmet hotdogs, burgers, Bao boxes, crepes, churros, teas and coffees and cakes.
Take a look at some of the treats on offer at the Giant Spectacular!

I'm coming to St George's Hall to see the Little Boy Giant - anything I should know?

To welcome the Little Boy Giant to Liverpool we are asking everyone to come along in fancy dress or wear a mask when you visit the Little Boy Giant – after all, it’s his first visit to the city and we want to make it special!

The Little Boy Giant will be asleep in his hammock and the public can come along and greet him from 12pm -11pm. From 7pm there will be live music on the plateua of St George’s Hall.

Please bear in mind, that there will be search procedures in operation by security in order for you to enter the Hall. All bags being brought into St George’s Hall are subject to being searched. Any bags that are larger an an A4 sheet of paper (a standard piece of paper from a printer / large book) will NOT be allowed in the venue. Rucksacks are NOT allowed at all. There will also be random body searches in operation and no food or drink is to be consumed inside The Great Hall.

Is there anywhere to eat / drink at St George's Hall?

Yes, the St George’s Hall Heritage Cafe will be open during the event on Thursday from 9.00am – 11.00pm serving hot and cold food and light refreshments. Seating is provided for visitors ordering from the cafe.

Are there toilet facilities at St George's Hall?

Yes, there are toilet facilities at St George’s Hall in addition to accessible toilet facilities for disabled visitors.

Is there coach parking?

There is coach parking available during the event as detailed below. There is also an additional coach layover area located on Great Howard Street.

Specific coach drop off points include:

Friday: Georges Dock Way/Mann Island but please note that the Waterfront will be closed from James Street to Parliament Street for all traffic from 5.00pm to 8.00pm

Saturday and Sunday: Hope Street all day



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